About Us

Disposal Queen is changing the way you think about waste disposal.

We pride ourselves on exceptional service that makes your environmental and financial goals a priority.

At Disposal Queen, our whole approach is based on delivering the best possible services to our clients. We hope to be the change the Waste Collection and Disposal Industry needs by implementing the following:


No Contracts

Are you concerned about the fine print in the contract? Wondering what all the technical jargon means? Those are the other companies: Disposal Queen is a no-contract company. No contract, no fine print, and no confusing jargon.

Have you been charged extra fees in the past? Fees such as administrative costs, environmental charges? Those are the other companies: Disposal Queen doesn’t charge you for any extras. We provide you with an inclusive charge for our services, and that’s all you pay. Period.

Have you been locked into a delivery/pickup schedule that’s convenient? Other companies set a schedule for you: Disposal Queen arranges all delivery and pickup times to fit your schedule. If something comes up, just call us and we’ll change the time. No charge.

Were you charged excessive fees to change the terms of service or cancel a disposal service? Other companies do that: with Disposal Queen, there are no fees to change your services or to cancel. We only charge you for services rendered. If you prefer something different, or if you’re ever unhappy with us, tell us. We’ll make the changes or cancel the services with no charge.

Give us a try and experience no contracts, no hidden fees, no inconvenient scheduling, and no cancellation fees. Our competitive pricing and attention to customer satisfaction makes Disposal Queen the best choice for your disposal needs.

Price Transparency

Our rates are fixed – and your quote will never fluctuate due to hidden fees or service surcharges.

Let us help you to design the waste disposal plan the best fits your needs and say good-bye to:

  • Surprise Billings
  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Admin Surcharges
  • Environmental Surcharges
  • Document Fees
  • Cancelation Fees
  • Contracts
  • Hidden Charges

Customer Satisfaction through Personalized Service Plans

We are flexible at Disposal Queen, and customer service comes first with us. You may reschedule pickup/delivery times and change or cancel our service at any time. Contact our customer service representatives at (778) 929-1023 to let us know what you need to have adjusted in your personalized plan, and we’ll give your request our immediate attention.

  • Price Transparency
  • No changes
  • Eco- Friendly Disposal Services

Eco- Friendly Disposal Services

Disposing of waste should not cause more waste – and at Disposal Queen you are actually supporting eco-friendly waste disposal.

Our business is run paper free – this means that our operations do not produce any paper waste in the course of servicing your needs.

Additionally, all of our trucks are natural gas powered – one of the lowest emission emitting types of vehicles currently available on the market.

To ensure that you get the best price and customer service when renting a front-end bin or roll-off container without any long-term contracts or hidden fees, we recommend you call us now to get the best quote.