Our Services

Let us show you exactly how customized your plan can be with Disposal Queen.

We offer service packages and personalized plans to meet your waste management needs. Call us today at (778) 929-1023 or drop by our offices to learn about:

  • Selecting the disposal/collection services you need
  • Selecting the correct bin
  • Selecting pickup/collection times that fit your schedule
  • Our no-contract transparent pricing

Pick the collection services you need

  • Organic Matter

  • Construction/Renovation

  • Yard/Landscaping

  • General Waste Removal

Customize your bin(s)

  • Small Bin

  • Medium Bin

  • Large Bin

  • Customized Bin

Customize your collection schedule

  • Schedule the days that work best for you

  • Flexibility in changing collection days as needed (with advance notice)

  • Flexibility in cancelling a collection day when needed (with advance notice)

No contracts = No Hassles

Disposal Queen won’t lock you into a fixed-term contract. You can change or cancel our services as needed.